America's Energy Advantage

Powering Manufacturing.
Fueling Jobs.
Igniting Growth.


Get the facts

A recent Department of Energy report has received vocal criticism for its failure to take into account the role of U.S. manufacturing. Fight back.

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Fueling the U.S. manufacturing renaissance

Manufacturers employ nearly 12 million people in the United States. For every one job created in a factory, three to five jobs are created across the broader economy, because of the follow-on uses of products in the downstream manufacturing process and related economic activity, which we call a multiplier effect.

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Alternative energy vehicles on the rise

High gasoline prices are having a heavy impact on drivers and the auto industries across the United States. In order to combat these prices consumers and dealers are turning their attentions toward alternative energy vehicles.

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Australia natural gas: Unintended consequences

The Australian National Institute of Economic and Industry Research released a report titled "Large scale export of East Coast Australia natural gas: Unintended consequences." The report found that for every $1 of benefit gained by LNG export $24 of benefits was lost in the contraction of the gas-dependent industries.

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This is America’s Energy Advantage

Natural gas has been at the forefront of America's energy growth and is leading an increible period of manufacturing growth. Here at AEA we understand the importance of taking advantage of this incredible resource right here at home.

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