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About us

America's Energy Advantage (AEA) is a group of businesses and organizations dedicated to raising awareness of the emerging renaissance in American manufacturing made possible by our country's new abundant and affordable supplies of natural gas.

America's Energy Advantage believes in:

  • Supporting the natural gas advantage that has made the U.S. manufacturing sector more competitive, which has created jobs, spurred capital investment and increased exports of value-added products.
  • Carefully considering the economic consequences before allowing unfettered natural gas exports.
  • Extending the benefits of America's natural gas abundance to domestic consumers by keeping utility bills low.
  • Maintaining national energy security by developing multiple domestic energy sources.
  • Rules-based free trade and living up to trade commitments made under the World Trade Organization.

America's Energy Advantage aims to:

  • Encourage the federal government to move cautiously on permitting natural gas exports in order to measure impact on price, security and jobs.
  • Educate policymakers on the potential risks to the U.S. economy of unfettered natural gas exports.

A broad alliance of policymakers, business leaders, and independent analysts have spoken out in support of using our natural gas reserves domestically. See what they said »

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