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American voters say no to unrestricted natural gas exports

We know keeping natural gas at home is a big deal for American manufacturing, new jobs, and consumers -- but do American voters feel the same way?

You bet they do.

In a survey of registered voters last month, voters made it clear that American gas should be used right here.

American natural gas and resources give us a clear competitive advantage in manufacturing, and when asked how important American manufacturing was to growing our economy, more than half of respondents gave it an importance of 10. That's on a scale of 1 to 10 -- 10 being the highest.

Exports, especially exports without limits, on the other hand, were viewed with serious reservation: 80 percent of voters said "no" when asked if companies should be allowed to export gas without restriction.

A major concern to these voters was how domestic gas prices would be affected if American companies exported gas to other countries. Rising gas prices would hurt not only manufacturers, but all consumers relying on affordable natural gas in their homes.

81 percent said we should restrict exports until we have a better understanding of exactly how prices would react.

Even a recent report released by the Department of Energy on natural gas exports did little to change public opinion. After being informed about the conclusions of the report, voters opposed export by a 5-to-1 margin.

Unfettered exports pose a real danger to domestic growth. Both the millions of jobs and the economic growth fueled by natural gas are all on the line if we don't take this issue seriously.

Stand with American voters and make sure the Department of Energy gets the facts on exports straight. Speak out now.


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