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Infographic: The American Manufacturing Resurgence

American manufacturing is experiencing an important resurgence at a time when our country needs more well-paying and highly skilled jobs. This resurgence is being powered by affordable and abundant natural gas and it presents the US with a once in a generation opportunity to increase our competitiveness in the global economy.

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Q&A with Charles R. Morris

We recently hosted a Q&A with Charles R. Morris, a lawyer and former banker and the author of the recently released, Comeback: America’s New Economic Boom.

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Featured Author: Charles R. Morris

Charles R. Morris, a lawyer and former banker, is the author of the recently released, Comeback: America's New Economic Boom. In a Wall Street Journal review, Daniel Yergin wrote that Morris "cogently lay[s] out the bright economic consequences of the unconventional oil and gas revolution and the revival of manufacturing."

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America’s Energy Advantage Comments on Latest LNG Export Approval

The DOE's decision to continue to consider additional exports on a sequential basis is a prudent approach that allows it to consider the cumulative impact of additional exports. Each successive permit approval requires a thorough review so we ensure that exports do not threaten the emerging renaissance in American manufacturing that is spurring investment and creating jobs in the United States.

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Statement of America’s Energy Advantage on the Analysis of the API study

America's Energy Advantage (AEA) today released an analysis of a recent American Petroleum Institute (API) study of LNG exports. The analysis of the API report by energy experts at Charles River Associates (CRA) identified several issues that, in the opinion of AEA, overstate the benefits of unchecked LNG exports. Attached and below is a summary of the findings that America's Energy Advantage has distilled from CRA's review.

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For manufacturers, natural gas is a new lease on life

The last few years have marked an incredible turnaround for the American economy, especially its manufacturing sector. The newfound availability of abundant and affordable natural gas has helped fuel that renaissance, breathing life into manufacturing, construction, jobs, and long-term growth.

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#TalkNatGas: A Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Forum Recap

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee recently gathered a host of business leaders -- from transportation to home energy, the chemical industry to environmental services -- to look at the impact of natural gas on the American economy. During three thought-provoking forums -- all streamed live for anyone to watch – these industry leaders discussed key topics such as Infrastructure, Transportation, Research and Innovation, Domestic Supply and Exports, and Shale Development: Best Practices and Environmental Concerns.

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Financial Times: Demand for gas alters US energy landscape

There's a new trend among homebuyers in North America: Before buying, they're asking sellers to remove old heating oil tanks from the property so they can convert their new home to natural gas. In doing so, they are part of a larger, growing movement that includes consumers, businesses, and manufacturers, who are all trying to take full advantage of our country's abundant and affordable natural gas resources.

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