America's Energy Advantage

Powering Manufacturing.
Fueling Jobs.
Igniting Growth.

This is America’s Energy Advantage

Natural gas has been at the forefront of America's energy growth and is leading an incredible period of manufacturing growth. Here at AEA we understand the importance of taking advantage of this incredible resource right here at home.

Here are five facts about U.S. natural gas that you ought to know:

  1. Gas does more than help you cook a meal on your stovetop. It's a critical feedstock used in the production of plastics, aluminum, and hundreds of other manufacturing processes.
  2. Natural gas is priced $1.50 lower than gasoline or diesel. We've got a real advantage in using it here at home.
  3. Exporting natural gas overseas could drive up the price for manufacturers and all consumers. LNG export could increase the cost by 14 to 54 percent. 
  4. Natural gas is an energy source that can power a new generation of businesses in the U.S. Already, we're seeing what is being called a "manufacturing renaissance."
  5. We have a real say in helping shape the way natural gas plays into our energy mix by speaking out for manufacturing and energy security.

If you believe natural gas should be a vital part of manufacturing in this country, get involved now ยป