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AEA Statement on DOE’s Changes to Natural Gas Exports Process

WASHINGTON  –  May 30 , 2014 – “America’s  Energy  Advantage  is  cautiously  optimistic  about  the Department of Energy’s announced changes to the natural gas export process. Natural gas export decisions should be based on the most current and accurate forward-looking forecasts of natural gas supply and demand. For more than a year, we have urged the Department to undertake a new, independent economic analysis that reflects current market conditions and impending changes in the baseload electricity sector. We welcome a new, comprehensive, peer-reviewed study.

The Department’s public interest determinations for LNG exports continue to rely on criteria developed for natural gas imports in 1984.  We continue to believe that DOE must enumerate the legal standards defining the public interest. Therefore we believe the Department must extend the 45-day comment period on these proposals to allow for all stakeholders to share their views.

Unchecked LNG exports will threaten America's manufacturing renaissance, double or even  triple  prices  for  consumers, and negatively impact capital investment and job creation. Foreign and domestic companies are investing in new U.S. manufacturing because of America’s energy advantage. With sound LNG export policy, we import jobs. The Department of Energy must prioritize the interests of American consumers, manufacturers and the U.S. economy over those of our overseas competitors.”

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America’s Energy Advantage (AEA) is a trade association representing many of the world’s leading manufacturers and commodity producers, as well as the United States’ publicly-owned natural gas distribution  companies. Our organization is a strong supporter of rules-based free trade and believes that open markets create new opportunities for economic growth and higher standards of living for all Americans. AEA is dedicated to educating the American public about the growth in American manufacturing that has been made possible by our country's abundant and affordable supply of natural gas.